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Western North America
Linguistic classification: Dené-Yeniseian?
  • Na-Dené
    • Athabaskan
Northern Athabaskan
Pacific Coast Athabaskan
Southern Athabaskan
ISO 639-2 and 639-5: ath
Athabaskan languages.svg
Geographic distribution of the Athabaskan languages

Athabaskan (also spelled Athabascan, Athapaskan or Athapascan, and also known as Dene) is a large family of indigenous languages of North America, located in western North America in three areal language groups: Northern, Pacific Coast and Southern (or Apachean). Kari and Potter 2010:10 place the total territory of the 53 Athabaskan languages at 4,022,000 square kilometres (1,553,000 sq mi).

Chipewyan is spoken over the largest area of any North American native language, while Navajo is spoken by the largest number of people of any native language north of Mexico.

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