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Genre Animation, Kids
Written by John Ingelin
Kevin Nelson (story by)
Directed by Handen Jetmall (voice director)
Charles Meyer
Gary Meyer
Joth Loder (animation)
Voices of Teri Parker-Brown
Sabrina Crews
Jim Cunningham
John Farrell
Heidi Fellner
Len Goodman
Charles Hubbell
Kim Kivens
Dave Simmons
Composer(s) Phil Aaron
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 63 (list of episodes)
Cinematography Dan Becker
Tom Smith
Editor(s) Charles Meyer
Camera setup Charles Thompson
Joe Dennis
Jim May
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s) Wet Cement Productions (groups)
GoldKing Media (single episode)
Distributor Morning Light Media (2005–2006)
Rising Star Studios (2006–present)
Original network Syndication
Australian Christian Channel
Original release January 17, 2005 (2005-01-17) – February 27, 2006 (2006-02-27)

Auto-B-Good is a 2005-2006 American animated series. The series features short stories set in the fictional City of Auto, in which all the citizens are cars. The program is explicitly designed to teach kids lessons in moral character and values. Auto-B-Good was produced by Wet Cement Productions. The show was shown on certain PBS stations on PBS Kids before moving to Smile of a Child/TBN until early 2019. It was also Broadcast on the Australian Christian Channel in Australia.




  • Model: Dodge Viper

Johnny is cool and daring. He loves high speeds and a glossy shine. His best friends are Derek, Cali, Maria, and Miles. His favorite thing to do is race to Squeakies Car Wash to get “squeaky clean” and show off his shine.


  • Model: 1999 Mercedes-Benz R170

Cali is a valley girl. She hangs out with Johnny and Maria and loves shopping.


One of the “little cars,” Eric Jacobson "EJ" Mini puts his all into everything he does. He tries hard to keep up with the big guys and wants to be just like Johnny when he grows up. His best friend is his classmate Izzi.


  • Model: 1957 BMW Isetta 300

Issadora (Izzi) is an innocent, bright-eyed, and curious 7-year-old who loves to play with EJ, but can get frustrated at being the littlest and not always able to do what the others can.


Professor's inventions would be world-renowned, except they usually go awry. He is a bit eccentric and very analytical but has a heart of gold that makes him beloved by all.


  • Model: 1931 Tatra T80

Old and wise, Franklin has lived a full life and speaks from experience to give advice on almost anything. He and the Professor are good friends and both act as mentors to the “kids.”


  • Model: 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Miles is the conscience of the group who knows what's right and tries to steer the others in that direction. Miles' maturity gives a balance to the friendship with Johnny and Cali.


  • Model: 2003 Jeep Liberty

With her love of adventure and four-wheeling, Maria is the trailblazer of the group. She coaches the little cars' soccer team and has a job at the park. Maria is friends with Derek.


Derek is the biggest and toughest of the group. With his mild manner and gentle spirit, Derek is often the group's peacemaker and mediator.



  • Model: 1923 Austin 7

Century-old Elrod fight in the great war with CJ Willy, Franklin, and Mr. Morgan. He lived alone for many years after the war and later reconciled with his friends. He currently is the owner and operator of Elrod's Mini Golf.

CJ Willy

  • Model: 1942 Willys MB

Franklin, Mr. Morgan, and Elrod's drill instructor and sergeant in charge during the great war. Lost his life in the line of duty. His image is cast in bronze as the statue in Memorial Park.

Lug Nut

  • Model: 1934 Triumph Dolomite

A vaudeville performer who, along with his comedy partner, Dip Stick, teaches Miles that enthusiasm is the secret of success.


  • Billy was lost in the wilderness at a young age and was raised by Big Horns. When the other cars found him on a camping trip, they brought him back to the City of Auto and learned to see all the wonderful things in their city through new eyes.

Mr. Morgan

  • Mr. Morgan is the sports referee.


  • Charles Hubbell as Johnny
  • Heidi Fellner as Cali
  • Teri Parker-Brown as Maria
  • Jim Cunningham as Derek
  • Kim Kivens as EJ
  • Sabrina Crews as Izzi
  • Dave Simmons as Miles (same voice used for Noils in Ewe Know)
  • John Farrell as Franklin
  • Len Goodman as Professor


The first season consisted of 36 episodes, each focusing on a particular character trait.

Season 1 (2005)

Overall # Episode Title Air Date
1 Timely Treats January 17, 2005
2 Picture Perfect
3 Moving Forward Together
4 Growing Responsible January 24, 2005
5 Red Card To Respect
6 The Land of the Odds
7 No Rules Allowed January 31, 2005
8 Shop 'Til You Drop
9 Center of the Universe
10 Slippery Slope February 7, 2005
11 Car Tune Pirates
12 Bully Bully
13 Friends in High Places February 14, 2005
14 Heavenly Event
15 Sunny Side Up?
16 Up from the Depths February 21, 2005
17 Cooler Heads Prevail
18 Digging For Gold
19 A Mile In Their Tires February 28, 2005
20 Stage Fright
21 Izzi and the Giant
22 Rumors of War March 7, 2005
23 The Price of Freedom
24 No Greater Love
25 Miles to the Rescue March 14, 2005
26 The Secret Force
27 Gopher It!
28 The Secret of Success March 21, 2005
29 The Winning Goal
30 Road Rage
31 Road Test For Maturity March 28, 2005
32 Uninvited Guests
33 A Tidy Plan
34 Too Rough Around The Edges April 4, 2005
35 Crowning Car Of The Year
36 Friends To The Rescue!

Season 2 (2006)

Wet Cement completed 27 episodes for the second season.

Season 2 # Episode Title Air Date
1 Movie "FX" January 2, 2006
2 Cheaters U-Turn
3 The Cobra Canyon Leap
4 The Integrity Project January 9, 2006
5 Rising To The Occasion
6 The Gift of Golf
7 Breaking Par January 16, 2006
8 Daring Dreamers
9 Unusual Suspect
10 The Missing Statue January 23, 2006
11 Get the OOMPH!
12 A Taxing Problem
13 Billy and the Big Horns January 30, 2006
14 Home Sweet Home
15 The Quest For Power
16 Monster Trap! February 6, 2006
17 CAR-Nival
18 Lug Nut
19 Issadora's Box February 13, 2006
20 Extreme Overhaul
21 Breaking New Ground
22 Level Thirty-Nine! February 20, 2006
23 Western Hero
24 COTU Comics
25 Scared-y Car February 27, 2006
26 Car Tuned & Ready
27 Squeaky Clean!

DVD Versions

Auto-B-Good DVDs come in three versions: a retail version for home audiences, an education version used in school classrooms across the country and a Special Edition with Christian music videos featuring the music of Rick Altizer that enhance the positive character lessons with a spiritual application.


In 2009, Rising Star Studios produced six kids' storybooks, written by Phillip Walton. Each is an original story focusing on lessons in trustworthiness, respect, caring, responsibility, citizenship and fairness.

  • EJ and the Bully (a lesson in Respect)
  • Queen for a Day (a lesson in Fairness)
  • Citizen Miles (a lesson in Citizenship)
  • Sticking to it! (a lesson in Trustworthiness)
  • Mean Ole Crankfender (a lesson in Caring)
  • Attack of the Runaway Robot (a lesson in Responsibility)
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