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Awa-odori 2008 Tokushima
Awa Dance Festival

The Awa Dance Festival is held in Tokushima, Japan. It held in the biggest street of the town from 12 to 15 August. It is part of the Obon festival. Both of men and women wear yukata, a Japanese traditional cloth. The man wear a Japanese towel. The women wear bamboo hat. They dance and walk with the musical accompaniment. Shamisens, flutes, gongs and drums are played around the city. Men and women dance differently. There are some groups called "ren". The groups have different styles of dance. There are some new groups called "niwaka ren". Beginning dancers can participate in Awa dance in niwaka-ren groups. The Awa dance has a unique song. The phrase is "Odoru ahou ni miru ahou onaji ahou nara odorana son son". It means that "The dancers are fools. The watchers are fools. Both are fools alike so, Why not dance?" In brief, dancers invite watchers.

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