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Bang! is a card game. It is set in the Wild West. It was made by an Italian man named Emiliano Sciarra. This year, there were many expansion packs for the game. With all of them, this game can be played with eight players at the most.

Start of the game

At the beginning of game, every player chooses their character and role. When the player is choosing their character, they take two random cards, looks at special ability and picks one of them. Every character has a different count of lives (from three to five). The sheriff has one more.

There are four roles. Every player knows only their own role. Only the sheriff is known to everybody. Roles are different depending on the number of players:

  • 4 players – one sheriff, two bandits and one renegade.
  • 5 players – sheriff, two bandits, one vice and renegade
  • 6 players – sheriff, three bandits, vice and renegade
  • 7 players – sheriff, three bandits, two vices and renegade

The roles

Each player has a different mission:

  • The sheriff is the most imortant role. Every time, he starts the game. His mission is to kill all the bandits and renegades. If he kills his deputy (vice), he will lose all his cards. If he dies, the game ends.
  • The vice (deputy) has to protect the sheriff and kill the bandits and renegades.
  • The bandit has to kill the sheriff in every game. There has to be more than two bandits.
  • The renegade is the hardest role in the game. He has to stay alive so he can kill the bandits, vice (if he is playing) and sheriff at the end.


After everyone chooses their character and role, the game starts. Every player gets the same number of cards as the number of lives they have, so if a player has three lives, they get three cards. At the beginning of turn, the player takes two cards. There are three kinds of cards. They have brown, blue and green edges. Brown cards allow players to play immediately, blue cards mean a player has to put it on the table first. Green cards also mean this, but the player needs to wait for one lap before he can use the card.

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