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Techmarscincus (genus)
Bartle Frere skink
Conservation status
Scientific classification
  • Leiolopisma jigurru
    Covacevich, 1984
  • Techmarscincus jigurru
    — Wells & Wellington, 1985
  • Bartleia jigurru
    — Hutchinson et al., 1990
  • Techmarscincus jigurru
    — Greer, 2005

Techmarscincus is a genus of skink, a lizard in the family Scincidae. The genus is endemic to Australia, and is monotypic, containing the sole species Techmarscincus jigurru.

Techmarscincus jigurru, commonly known as the Bartle Frere skink, is a species of rare and endangered lizard first discovered in 1981. It was described and named in 1984 by the late Australian herpetologist Jeanette Covacevich.

Geographic range

The Bartle Frere skink is endemic to Queensland, Australia.


T. jigurru has a rainbow sheen color. Its body is long and flat, with short limbs and a long tail.


The Bartle Frere skink is agile and energetic. It is only seen out and basking during the day. It spends most of its time on top of exposed granite boulders. A night, it retreats into cracks in the exposed granite. The Bartle Frere skink tolerates juveniles in the same area, as most skinks do not.


The Bartle Frere skink is usually found above 1,400 m (4,600 ft) on the slopes of Queensland's highest mountains (e.g., Mount Bartle Frere). The climate is of a temperate rain forest.


T. jigurru is oviparous.

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