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Bastila Shan is a character from the Star Wars universe.

Bastila Shan was born in the year 3,979 BBY. She is the daughter of Helena Shan and an unknown treasure hunter who joined the Jedi Order despite her protests. She became a valuable member to the Jedi Order despite her young age due to her mastery of Battle Meditation. During the Jedi Civil War, she was responsible for the capture of Darth Revan, with whom she fell in love.

After the amnesic Darth Revan was given an entirely new identity, they worked together for a long time, searching for the Star Forge.

After Revan learnt of his true identity she was captured and tortured by Darth Malak and turned to the dark side. During a confrontation, she tried to persuade the redeemed Revan to return to the dark side and reclaim his rightful place. After being rejected and forced to flee to the Star Forge, Bastila confronted Revan again and lost. She begged him to kill her, but he refused and used the power of their love to bring her back to the light and help the Republic in the Battle of Rakata Prime.

She later married Revan and soon had a child called Vaner. When Revan left to stop a war he was sure was coming, she stayed behind to look after her child. She is also one of the surviving Jedi to survive the purge that followed it. She died of old age.

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