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Batrachedra filicicola
Scientific classification
B. filicicola
Binomial name
Batrachedra filicicola
Meyrick, 1917

Batrachedra filicicola is a species of moth in the family Batrachedridae. It is endemic to New Zealand.


This species was first described by Edward Meyrick in 1917 using material collected by George Hudson at Karori on tree-ferns in November. George Hudson discussed and illustrated this species in his 1928 book The Butterflies and Moths of New Zealand. The lectotype specimen is held at the Natural History Museum, London.


Meyrick described this species as follows:

♂︎. 8 mm. Head and thorax bronzy-whitish. Palpi with appressed scales, whitish, with faint greyish marks at apex of second joint, and base and apex of terminal joint. Abdomen grey. Forewings narrow-lanceolate, apex narrowly produced ; violet-grey, becoming darker posteriorly, produced apex blackish : cilia grey, base round apical third of wing paler and sprinkled with blackish, sometimes forming indistinct dots, at apex with a short black subbasal bar. Hindwings violet-grey ; cilia grey.


B. filicicola is endemic to New Zealand. It has been collected in Wellington and in the Hawkes Bay.

Biology and behaviour

This species is on the wing in November and December. This species is attracted to light. It has been collected in sunshine by sweeping the fonds of its host the silver fern (Cyathea dealbata). It is a fast runner and makes short, rapid flights.

Host species

The larva of this moth feed on the spores of Cyathea dealbata.

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