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Big Babies
Created by Spencer Jones
Jon Riche
Written by Jon Riche
Spencer Jones
Directed by Jon Riche
Starring Spencer Jones
Martin Collins
Dan Kirwan
Sharon Horgan
Chiron Miller
Voices of Spencer Jones
Matthew Steer
Nick Helm
Daniel Cook
Eve Webster
Gabriel Schucan
Doc Brown
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Japhet Asher
Producer(s) Jack Cheshire
Running time 14 minutes
Original network CBBC


Original release 15 March (2010-03-15) – 31 March 2010 (2010-03-31)

Big Babies is a 2010 British comedy children's television series, which was shown on CBBC, BBC Two the British Broadcasting Corporation's children's digital channel. The main characters are two babies (actually babies with adult heads and voices superimposed) named Brooks and Rocco, who are reluctantly dragged away from watching television to go on unpredictable adventures in the world of the everyday. However, the toys on the shelf always have concerns about what the babies are up to, and get Budge, one of their own, to tag along with the babies (which he does for his own selfish reasons).

It is broadcast on CBBC and BBC Two in the UK, BBC Kids in Canada and ABC3 in Australia. In 2010, Big Babies was nominated for a BAFTA Children's Award in the section of Best Comedy.

Characters and cast

These are some of the main cast:

The Babies

  • Brooks (Spencer Jones): The more cynical baby. His catchphrase is "We should have stayed at home and watched the telly!") His primary bonnet is white with bunny ears on top
  • Rocco (Martin Collins): Rocco is the more idealistic baby, complete with a beard. He idolises The Gonch, much to Brooks' disgust. His primary bonnet is white with mouse ears on top.
  • The Gonch (Dan Kirwan): The coolest kid in town, complete with bling bling. Has his own signature tune, and a lot of his dialogue is done in rap. His catchphrase is "Later, losers".

Family and other babies

  • Carole (Natalia Ferrara, voiced by Sharon Horgan): Brooks' mum.
  • Gonch's Stepmum (Donna Louise Pearce, voiced by Spencer Jones)
  • Calais Savoy (Caroline May Jones): An American baby who is friends with Brooks and Rocco. She appeared on Baby Got Talent but just screamed "Mummy Mummy I'm not eating that!".
  • Daisy (Chiron Miller): Another friend of the boys.

The Toys

  • Budge (voiced by Doc Brown): A brown corduroy toy, who follows Brooks and Rocco's every move. He is always assigned by the Major to follow the boys, but does so through his desire for snacks (or other things he wants) His catchphrase is "Oh, Bongo!").
  • Dave (voiced by Spencer Jones): A toy dragon who lives on the top of Budge's cupboard. His job is to wake up Budge when needed by knocking on the cupboard door with his tail.
  • Eebie and Geebie (voiced by Daniel Cook and Eve Webster): Two toy birds who are the first to panic about the outcomes of Brooks and Rocco's adventures. There is a TV show called The Eebie and Geebie Show featuring characters of the two birds, but Carole always turns the TV off just as it starts, much to the birds' disappointment and dismay.
  • Major Moustache (voiced by Nick Helm): A red cat doll with an eye-patch, a huge moustache and medals.
  • Private Popper (voiced by Matthew Steer): A mouse with a military beret. Popper always sees through Budge's self-centred schemes, but is chastised by the Major for voicing his concerns ("Pipe down, Popper!").
  • Koggs (voiced by Doc Brown): A robot with a Jamaican accent.
  • Teddy Bez (Gabriel Schucan): A teddy bear dressed in a teddy boy style. A silent character, but answers any question with a dance.
  • Snake (voiced by Caroline May Jones):
  • Puppeteers – Jonny Sabbagh, Will Harper, William Banyard, Mark Jefferis and Sheila Clark






5.Pet Shop

6.Dino Land Towm

7.Rainy Day

8.The Race

9.Beside the Sea

10.Visiting Nanny

11.Arts and Crafts


13.Baby's Got Talent

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