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Blackburn B-103 Buccaneer
Buccaneer S2B Mildenhall 1988.jpeg
Role Ground-attack aircraft
Manufacturer Blackburn Aircraft Limited, Hawker Siddeley
First flight 30 April 1958
Primary user Royal Navy
Number built 203

Blackburn B-103 Buccaneer was made for the Royal Navy, the naval part of the United Kingdom´s armed forces. It was also by the Royal Air Force starting in 1968. That was the first airplane with some technical innovations like a system for increased buoyancy, a split rudder (which widens to be an air brake), and rotating magazine for nuclear or conventional weapons. After tests, this plane was selected and put in use by Royal Navy in 1962. This aircraft was retired in 1994. It was used in the 1991 Gulf War.

Buccaneer airbrake detail

Technical data (Buccaneer S 2B)

Data Units
Years of production 1961-1977
Manufacturer Blackburn Aircraft Limited
Wingspan 13,41 m
Length 19,33 m
Hight 4,97 m
Wing area 47,82 m²
Wight (empty) 13.608 kg
Mx takeoff weight 28.123 kg
Passengers -
Crew 2
Speed 1040 km/h
Service ceiling 12.200 m
Range 3.701 km
Powerplants 2*Rolls-Royce RB.168 Spey Mk.101

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