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Blunt trauma is a kind of trauma that usually results from being hit by something dull and firm (like a car, a fist, or the ground). It is also called blunt force trauma. This is different from penetrating trauma where an object, such as a bullet enters the body.

Common types of blunt force trauma include:

  • Being in a car accident (this is the most common cause of blunt force trauma)
  • Being hit by another person with a fist or with something that is not sharp, like a bat
  • Falling and hitting the ground (like falling down the stairs)
  • Jumping or falling from a high place

What kinds of problems can blunt force trauma cause?

If blunt force trauma is not too severe, it may cause only cuts (lacerations), bruises (contusions), and scrapes (abrasions). However, bad blunt force trauma can cause many serious problems, like:

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