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Booroolong frog
Litoria booroolongensis.jpg
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Booroolongensis Distribution-1-.PNG
Current distribution of the Booroolong frog (in black) compared to the historic distribution (in grey).
  • Hyla booroolongensis (Moore, 1961)
  • Rawlinsonia booroolongensis (Wells and Wellington, 1985)
  • Dryopsophus booroolongensis (Duellman, Marion, and Hedges, 2016)
  • (Dubois and Frétey, 2016)

The booroolong frog (Litoria booroolongensis) is a tree frog from Australia. It lives in New South Wales and Victoria.

Adult frogs are about 5 cm long. They can be brown or gray or green, with black marks. Their bellies are white.

They live in or near streams 200 to 1000 meters above sea level. They lay eggs in cracks in underwater rocks. The tadpoles grow in pools or slow-flowing streams.

As of the early 2000s, the booroolong frog was endangered because human beings divided their habitat into small pieces for logging and grazing, because willow trees clogged the streams where they live, and because invasive species of fish ate the tadpoles.

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