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Clifton Heights, University Heights, Fairview
CUF is a neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio
CUF is a neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio
A street map of CUF.

CUF is a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its name is derived from the communities of Clifton Heights, University Heights, and Fairview. CUF is bordered by the neighborhoods of Clifton, the Heights, Mount Auburn, Over-the-Rhine, and Camp Washington.

University Heights occupies the northern area of CUF, and is separated from Fairview and Clifton Heights by Straight Street. Fairview occupies the south-west corner and Clifton Heights the south-east corner of CUF. Fairview and Clifton Heights are separated by Ravine Street; Fairview on the west, Clifton Heights on the east.

The population was 16,989 at the 2010 census.

The term "CUF" is rarely, if ever, used by locals. Although inaccurate, these neighborhoods, along with Corryville, are often referred to as being part of Clifton, even by long-term residents.

Clifton Heights

The residential area of Clifton Heights is largely rental property that functions as off-campus student housing, with many restaurants and convenience stores.

The Clifton Heights Business District of the fifties is completely gone and developed into businesses that cater to university students as there are few families remaining. Currently, the area has been essentially razed in hopes of more contemporary businesses while developers have yet to agree on an economically feasible plan. It is located in the area of McMillan Street and Calhoun Street between Vine/Jefferson and Clifton Avenue, immediately south of the University of Cincinnati campus. Currently, there remains the vacant but architecturally significant St. George School and church that so long as it remains acts as either a headstone or marker for the neighborhood around which these building were the heart.

Clifton Heights is home to the Hughes Center, a vocational and special-purpose high school. Its current Clifton Heights location was built in 1906. Currently there are five college prep schools housed at Hughes. The Paideia High School, the High School for Communications Professions and Health Professions, High School for Teaching and Technology and the Cincinnati Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMAS). Clifton Heights is also home to the Kreuck recreation complex, a large indoor recreation center which is located on the campus of the Hughes Center. The Kreuck complex is a public facility operated by the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. Bellevue Hill, a 15-acre (61,000 m2) city park located at Ohio Avenue, is well known for its overlook of downtown Cincinnati.

The Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (CHCURC) is committed to the revitalization of the Clifton Heights neighborhood. It was established as a partnership between the Clifton Heights Business Association, the Clifton Heights, University Heights, and Fairview Neighborhood Association, and the University of Cincinnati. CHCURC was responsible for the University Park Apartments development.

Clifton Heights is sometimes called "Clifton," either intentionally shortened or not, by locals and non-locals. However, the actual Cincinnati neighborhood of Clifton is just north of CUF.


Fairview is a residential area, with a very high percentage of rental property targeted at University of Cincinnati students. Many of these buildings are excellent examples of the Italianate form of architecture prominent in many of Cincinnati's older neighborhoods.

Fairview is known best as the former home of Fairvew German Language School, which was founded by the neighborhood's German community in 1888. In 2008 however the school was relocated to nearby Clifton.

The neighborhood's name comes from the view much of the area has of downtown Cincinnati, as Fairview is perched on one of many hillsides facing the city proper. Fairview Park, a 27.7-acre (112,000 m2) park located at McMillan Street, has a long driving path with numerous overlooks.

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