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California Historical Landmarks in Plumas County facts for kids

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This list includes properties and districts listed on the California Historical Landmark listing in Plumas County, California. Click the "Map of all coordinates" link to the right to view a Google map of all properties and districts with latitude and longitude coordinates in the table below.

Image Landmark name Location City or town Summary
American Ranch and Hotel
479 American Ranch and Hotel 355 Main St.
39°56′13″N 120°56′43″W / 39.93701°N 120.945323°W / 39.93701; -120.945323 (American Ranch and Hotel)
Beckwourth Pass
336 Beckwourth Pass Rest area, Beckwourth Pass
39°47′30″N 120°06′28″W / 39.791667°N 120.107778°W / 39.791667; -120.107778 (Beckwourth Pass)
197 Buck's Lake Bucks Lake Lodge Marina
39°52′45″N 121°10′34″W / 39.87915°N 121.176183°W / 39.87915; -121.176183 (Buck's Lake)
Bucks Lake
231 Elizabethtown On dirt rd, 0.4 mi NW of State Hwy 70
39°57′50″N 120°57′25″W / 39.963839°N 120.957081°W / 39.963839; -120.957081 (Elizabethtown)
196 Jamison City, Eureka Mills, Johnstown, and the famous Eureka Mine Plumas-Eureka State Park
39°47′18″N 120°38′04″W / 39.788383°N 120.634317°W / 39.788383; -120.634317 (Jamison City, Eureka Mills, Johnstown, and the famous Eureka Mine)
184 Peter Lassen Marker North Valley Rd.
40°08′59″N 120°52′46″W / 40.149717°N 120.87945°W / 40.149717; -120.87945 (Peter Lassen Marker)
212 Pioneer Grave Buck's Lake Rd.
39°51′49″N 121°13′37″W / 39.863517°N 121.226833°W / 39.863517; -121.226833 (Pioneer Grave)
625 Pioneer Schoolhouse Plumas County Fairgrounds
39°56′20″N 120°54′56″W / 39.938933°N 120.915617°W / 39.938933; -120.915617 (Pioneer Schoolhouse)
723 Pioneer Ski Area of America Plumas-Eureka State Park
39°45′24″N 120°41′52″W / 39.756617°N 120.697683°W / 39.756617; -120.697683 (Pioneer Ski Area of America)
480 Plumas House Main and Court Sts.
213 Rabbit Creek Hotel Monument Main and Church Sts
39°40′58″N 120°59′05″W / 39.682883°N 120.9846°W / 39.682883; -120.9846 (Rabbit Creek Hotel Monument)
La Porte
337 Rich Bar Rich Bar, on State Hwy 70
40°00′43″N 121°11′35″W / 40.012017°N 121.193°W / 40.012017; -121.193 (Rich Bar)
481 Spanish Ranch Spanish Ranch Rd.
39°57′00″N 121°03′25″W / 39.95005°N 121.056983°W / 39.95005; -121.056983 (Spanish Ranch)
Spanish Ranch
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