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For acronym usages see CAST.

Cast can mean:

  • Casting, a process where a material is put into a mold while it is a liquid, and then hardens into a shape
  • Caste, social division in society
  • Casting (performing arts), a pre-production process for choosing a cast of actors and other talent
  • Orthopedic cast, a protective shell to hold a broken bone in place until it has healed
  • In archaeology, a cavity that is formed by the decomposition of wood furnishings or human or animal remains, previously covered due to volcanic ash fall

In popular culture:

  • Cast (comic), a comic series published in the Philippines

In music:

  • Cast (band), an English rock and roll band from the 1990s
  • Cast (Mexican band), a progressive Mexican rock band


  • Cast, Finistère, a commune of the Finistère département, in France
  • Cast (earthworm), mineral-rich organic matter that is excreted by earthworms
  • Urinary casts, tubules found in urine
  • Casting (tails), a process whereby animals can 'drop' their tail, which may or may not regenerate
  • Cast (archery), the distance a bow can shoot its arrow

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