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A castle is a fortified structure used to defend a territory.

Castle or Castles can mean:

  • University College, Durham, commonly known as "castle"
  • Operation Castle, a series of nuclear tests conducted in 1954
    • Castle Bravo, its first test
  • GWR 4073 Class, the "Castle" class of steam locomotive
  • Castle class corvettes, the follow on to the Flower class corvette of World War Two
  • Castles (estate agents), in the UK
  • Castle Project, an application framework for the .Net platform
  • Castle Building Centres Group Ltd., Canadian retailers of lumber and building materials
  • Rook (chess), a chess piece sometimes (formerly or informally) known as the "castle"
    • Castling, a move in chess involving the Rook
  • Castle (card game)
  • Castles (video game), released by Interplay in 1991
  • Castles II: Siege and Conquest, a 1992 sequel to the above game
  • Castle Communications, a record label
  • Castles (soap opera), a short-lived soap opera, broadcast by the BBC in 1995

The Castle may also refer to:

  • The Castle (novel) (Das Schloß) is a 1922 novel by Franz Kafka and its translations
  • Castle (novel), the second book in The Seventh Tower series
  • The Castle (film), a 1997 Australian comedy film
  • The Castle (game), a videogame made by ASCII corporation
  • The Castle (radio series), 2007 BBC radio comedy set in the Middle Ages
  • The Castle, Budawang National Park, Australia
  • CASTLE fight, a computational tool used in game theory

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