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Cavendish may refer to:


  • The House of Cavendish, a British noble family
  • Mark Cavendish (born 1985), professional Manx cyclist
  • Ada Cavendish (1839–1895), British actress
  • George Cavendish (writer) (c. 1494–1562) English writer and biographer of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
  • Henry Cavendish (1731–1810), British physicist, discoverer of hydrogen
  • Lord Ian Charles Cavendish (born 1973)
  • Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle upon Tyne (born 1623), English aristocrat, writer, and philosopher
  • Michael Cavendish (born c. 1565), English composer
  • Michael Robert Cavendish (born c. 1972), legal ethics writer and theorist
  • Peregrine Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire (born 1944), British Peer
  • Lord Richard Cavendish (1752–1781), British MP
  • Lord Richard Cavendish (1871–1946), British MP, aristocrat, author, magistrate
  • Richard Cavendish (occult writer) (born 1930), British writer on topics dealing with the occult
  • Sid Cavendish (1876–1954), English footballer with Southampton and Clapton Orient
  • Thomas Cavendish (1564–1593), English admiral
  • Henry Jones (writer) (1831–1899), pen name "Cavendish", English author on card games and tennis


  • Cavendish, Queensland
  • Cavendish, Victoria
  • Cavendish, Bermuda
  • Cavendish, Alberta
  • Cavendish, Newfoundland
  • Cavendish, Ontario
  • Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
  • Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island
  • Cavendish Bay, Newfoundland
  • Cavendish Lake, Ontario
  • Lac Cavendish, Quebec
New Zealand
United States
  • Cavendish (crater), a crater on the moon

Academic facilities

  • Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge
  • Cavendish School (disambiguation), various schools
  • Cavendish Hall, one of the University of Nottingham Halls of Residence

Other uses

  • Cavendish banana, the dominant commercial variety of banana
  • Cavendish tobacco, a process of cutting and curing tobacco
  • Cavendish Invitational, high stakes bridge tournament in Las Vegas
  • Cavendish experiment weighing the Earth
  • Cavendish Motor Services, a bus company part-owned by Renown Travel, operating several routes in East Sussex, England
  • "Cavendish Foods", a fictional supermarket chain appearing on the British sitcom To the Manor Born

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