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Chia may be:


  • Salvia hispanica, flowering plant, sprouts and culinary chia seed
  • Salvia columbariae ("golden chia")
  • Salvia polystachya


Personal names

  • Italian and Spanish surname
    • Sandro Chia, an Italian painter and sculptor
  • Chinese surname, also romanized as Xie or Tse
    • Alyssa Chia, a Taiwanese actress
    • Amber Chia, a Malaysian model
    • Danny Chia, a Malaysian golfer
    • Eric Chia, a Malaysian businessman
    • Gec Chia, a Filipino basketball player
    • Mantak Chia, a Thai author and teacher on Taoism and qigong
    • Nelson Chia, Singaporean actor, director and lecturer
    • Nicholas Chia, current Roman Catholic Archbishop of Singapore
    • Pei-yuan Chia, an American businessmann
    • Steve Chia, a Singaporean politician
    • Chia Thye Poh, a Singaporean political prisoner
    • Wenlan Chia, an American fashion designer
  • As a first name Chia is the Spanish variant of the name Lucia

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