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Chicken fingers
Crispy Chicken Strips - FotoosVanRobin.jpg
Alternative names Chicken tenders, chicken strips, chicken fillets, chicken goujons
Course Appetizer, main course
Place of origin United States
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Chicken, breading

Chicken fingers (also known as chicken tenders, chicken tendies or chicken strips) are chicken meat dipped in breading and then deep-fried, grilled or baked. In the Northeastern United States or the Midwest, chicken strips are often made by way of egg batter and have smooth texture. Elsewhere, however, chicken strips may lack egg batter and the texture can be rather coarse. Chicken strips are provided to customers in certain restaurants, including KFC, McDonald's and Wendy's fast food networks.

Chicken fingers are prepared by coating chicken meat in a breading mixture and then deep frying them, in a manner similar to the preparation of Schnitzel. Chicken fingers are a common snack in the U.S.

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