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A competition or contest is an event where people get together to see who is the best at something. Someone who takes part in a competition ("enters for a competition") is called a competitor. The competitors compete against one another. The person who wins may get a prize. This may be a trophy or sometimes a money prize.

Competitions can be for all sorts of things: sport, writing, music, dancing, science, chess etc.

There will probably be a referee. The referee will make sure that the game is played fairly and that the competitors obey the rules. In things like music there will be an adjudicator who will decide which person they think is the best.


The adjective of 'competition' is competitive.

  • If persons are "competitive" it means that they like trying to compete with other people.
  • Businesses often say that they sell things at "competitive prices". This means that their prices are lower than those of other businesses which sell similar things.

Examples of competitions

There is a wide variety of competitions, e.g.,

  • eating competition, where people try to eat the most food,
  • running competition, where people see who is the first to run from one place to another,
  • football competition, where football teams try to beat each other to win a trophy,
  • singing competition, in which the adjudicator decides which person sung the best,

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