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VT420 with German keyboard
VT420 computer terminal

A computer terminal or data terminal is device usually made up of a display unit and a keyboard which allows entry and display of information when on-line to central computer system.

  • intelligent terminal, smart terminal = a computer terminal which contains a CPU and memory, allowing basic data processing to be carried out, usually with the facility to allow the user to program it independently of the host computer.
  • terminal adapter = a device that connects a computer to a digital communications line; e.g., to link a PC to an ISDN line. A terminal adapter transfers digital signals from the computer to the line, whereas a modem is used to connect a computer to an analog communications line, such as a telephone line, and needs to convert digital signals to and from an anologue form.
  • terminal controller = a hardware device or IC which controls a terminal including data communications and display.
  • terminal identity = a unique code transmitted by a view data terminal to provide identification and authorisation of a user.
  • terminal interface = a hardware and software combination demand to control the function of a terminal from the computer.

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