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Cops & Doughnuts
Cops & Doughnuts Logo.png
Restaurant information
Established 1896 (as Clare City Bakery)
2009 (as Cops & Doughnuts)
Current owner(s) Greg Rynearson
Food type Doughnuts and coffee
Street address 521 North McEwan Street
City Clare
State Michigan
Postal/ZIP code 48617
Country United States
Coordinates 43°49′10″N 84°46′07″W / 43.81944°N 84.76861°W / 43.81944; -84.76861
Other locations Bay City, Gaylord, Ludington

Cops & Doughnuts is a bakery in Clare, Michigan, United States. Opened in 2009 in the former Clare City Bakery, the shop is notable for being owned by members of the city's police department.


Cops & Doughnuts first opened in 2009 when nine officers in the police department of Clare purchased the Clare City Bakery, which was about to go out of business due to the economic decline at the time. Greg Rynearson, one of the officers, retired to focus on the bakery full time. In addition to a full-scale bakery serving coffee and doughnuts, the store also features a diner and gift shop which sells police officer-related merchandise.

In 2015, the store had more than 500,000 visitors. The owners also began distributing their doughnuts and coffee to other local retailers, including a "precinct" inside the Jay's Sporting Goods store in Gaylord. A second location was opened in the former McDonald's Bakery in Ludington in 2016, and plans were announced to open a third location in Bay City.

The bakery has been publicized for the novelty of a doughnut shop being owned by police officers.