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Kyoto Daikakuji Shoshinden C0701
The Shōshinden was built in the Momoyama period

Daikaku-ji (大覚寺 , Daikaku-ji, "Temple of Great Enlightenment") is a Japanese Buddhist temple in Kyoto.


The earliest structures were built in the early Heian period as a villa of Emperor Saga (785-842). Osawa pond, the artificial lake in the Japanese garden, was created in Saga's lifetime.

After Saga's death, a Buddhist temple complex was established at the site. Imperial princes were often appointed as abbot of the temple.

In the 14th century, the temple came to be associated with the Kameyama branch of the Imperial family.


  • July 16, 1324 (Genkō 4, 22nd day of the 6th month):: Former-Emperor Go-Uda died at the temple.
  • August 38, 1338 (Ryakuō 1, 13th day of the 7th month): Ashikaga forces burned the temple.
  • 1626 (Kan'ei 3): Emperor Go-Mizunoo added an Edo period shinden.

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