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Desert tree frog
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Conservation status
Scientific classification
Litoria rubella range.png
Desert tree frog distribution
  • Hyla rubella (Gray, 1842)
  • Hyla (Litoria) mystacina (Keferstein, 1867)
  • Hyla nigrogularis (Keferstein, 1867)
  • Litoria rubella (Tyler, 1971)
  • Colleeneremia rubella (Wells and Wellington, 1985)

The desert tree frog, naked tree frog, seagull frog, red tree frog, little red tree frog or brown tree frog (Litoria rubella) is a frog from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and northern Australia.

The male adult frogs is about 3.1 to 3.5 cm long and females are 3.3 to 3.7 cm long. They are light brown in color with darker brown spots and a dark brown stripe down each side of its body. They have yellow colouring on their legs.

This frog lives in many different kinds of places, for example swamps and streams and ditches. It often lives near human houses, where it can climb into pipes.

They lay eggs on the surface of non-moving water, 30–300 eggs at a time. The tadpoles become frogs in two weeks.

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