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Diabolik (TV series) logo.png
Genre Action
Police drama
Written by
  • Jean Cheville
  • Paul Diamond
  • Larry Brody
Directed by
  • Charles Corton
  • Jean-Luc Ayak
  • Thierry Coudert
Theme music composer Michel Dax
Country of origin
  • United States
  • France
  • Italy
Original language(s)
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 40 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Vincent Chalvon-Demersay
  • Jacqueline Tordjman
Producer(s) Will Meugniot
Editor(s) Stéphane Berry
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s)
Distributor Saban International
Original network
Audio format Stereo
Original release May 7, 1999 (1999-05-07) – January 28, 2001 (2001-01-28)

Diabolik (also known as Saban's Diabolik and Diabolik: Track of the Panther) is an internationally co-produced animated television series based on the Italian comic book series of the same name by Angela and Luciana Giussani. Directed by Charles Corton, Jean-Luc Ayak and Thierry Coudert and wrote by Jean Cheville, Paul Diamond and Larry Brody, the series was produced by Saban Entertainment, Saban International Paris, M6 Métropole Télévision and Mediaset, with the animation made by Ashi Productions and Saerom Animation. It premiered in Europe on Fox Kids on May 5, 1999, and lasted for 40 episodes before ending on January 1, 2001.

The series features master thief Diabolik and his companion Eva, as they fight the criminal organization Brotherhood and its leader Dane, while evading Inspector Ginko. The series differs considerably from the darker-toned comic, making it more suitable for a young audience; the main differences include the rejuvenation of Diabolik and Eva Kant, the introduction of new characters (such as the main antagonist Dane), the replacement of Diabolik's Jaguar E-Type with a fictional modern car, the absence of murders by the title character, and the setting in the real world rather than fictional locations.


Diabolik is a master thief with a deep knowledge in many scientific fields, including chemistry, mechanics, and computers, and with a set of lifelike masks which he uses to fool his opponents, assuming every identity at will. He was raised as an orphan on a secret island hideout of a criminal organization known as the Brotherhood, where he learned all his criminal skills; as a baby, he was found abandoned on a boat by King, the leader of the organization, and welcomed into his home like a son. Dane, King's legitimate son, never accepted him as a brother. Years later, Dane, jelous of Diabolik, framed him for a crime he didn't comit (the murder of a man, the father of Diabolik's future partner Eva Kant), and Diabolik remained in prison. Five years later, after King's death, Dane became the leader of the Brotherhood and organized the rescue of his brother, but that was all a cover for his brother's murder, his real plan. Diabolik survived the assassination and swore that he will destroy the Brotherhood and his brother. Together with his partner Eva Kant, who also got personal vendetta against Dane and the Brotherhood, Diabolik manages to make life miserable to Dane and his organization, while being pursued by Inspector Ginko.


Character French actor Italian actor English actor
Diabolik Pierre-François Pistorio Claudio Moneta Lawrence Bayne
Eva Kant Blanche Ravalec Sonia Mazza Megan Fahlenbock
Dane Bernard Woringer Marco Balzarotti Tony Daniels
Ginko Marco Balbi Graham Harley
Graffam Denis Akiyama
King Gary Krawford
Naomi Elda Olivieri Julie Lemieux
Micky Janet Laine-Green
Banderas Diego Matamoros
Ranavalona Marie-Christine Darah Alison Sealy-Smith
Daggett Jesse Collins
Leonov Dan Chameroy
Coren Michael Lamport
Yuko Jane Luk


No. Episode title Original airdate
1 "For Old Times Sake" 7 September 2000
Diabolik goes to Paris to meet his former mentor Rana and save her from a terminal illness. The serum to cure her is found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. But Rana's disease is actually just a lie to force him to steal the gold kept in the sarcophagus.
2 "Under the North Pole" 9 September 2000
Diabolik and Eva Kant help their former partner Ivan Fedorski recover a deadly Russian particle gun from Leonov's submarine.
3 "Chinese Puzzle Box" 10 September 2000
The Chinese Golden Triad teams up with Dane to track down a puzzle box that leads to an immense hidden treasure. Diabolik and Eva steal the box, replacing it with an exact replica and then making sure the Triad can track it down. Discovered that it is a fake, the members of the Triad are convinced that all this is the work of Dane.
4 "Sea of Gold" 16 September 2000
Evil arms dealer Mickey is threatening to bomb twelve oil fields, following Dane's orders, but she has other plans in mind to make more profit from this operation. Diabolik and Eva try to frame Mickey by recording her confession of her in which she admits she wants to rip Dane after placing a bomb on the bottom of the sea.
5 "King's Legacy" 17 September 2000
Diabolik is hired by Janice Keegan to save her alleged daughter who has been kidnapped by Dane. The child is in fact the "key" to open a safe deposit box of a Swiss bank in which King deposited his entire inheritance. After the rescue, however, Diabolik discovers that the girl is not Keegan's daughter. The woman only intends to use her genetic code to take over the bank account.
6 "Honor Student" 23 September 2000
At the prestigious Hillton Academy, promising young student Philip is recruited by the Brotherhood of Dane to steal precious gems from the London Tower. Diabolik discovers that the school is just a cover used by Dane to train and recruit new criminals, and manages to save Philip from corruption while Eva has the boy's teacher blame the theft of the jewelry.
7 "Track of the Panther" 24 September 2000
While fleeing an ambush by Dane and his collaborators, Diabolik must hide in order not to be found and remembers the year before, in Paris, he met and recruited his partner Eva Kant to recover an heirloom belonging to the woman's family, stolen by Dane. It was the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between the two thieves.
8 "Panther Uncaged" 30 September 2000
Diabolik remembers his childhood, when, as a baby, he was found abandoned on a boat by King, the leader of the criminal organization Brotherhood. He was welcomed into King's home like a son, but Dane, King's legitimate son, never accepted him as a brother. Years later, Dane managed to get Diabolik arrested on charges of aggravated theft. Having escaped from prison and simulated his death, Diabolik has since tried in every way to take revenge on his half-brother by destroying the Brotherhood.
9 "The Mole" 1 October 2000
Inspector Ginko is accused of numerous crimes and locked up in prison. Eva and Diabolik investigate the mysterious events and discover that Ginko was framed by someone in internal affairs to prevent a hacking attempt related to the development of a program containing all the secret data of Interpol, and this someone is involved with Dane and the Brotherhood.
10 "A Sporting Chance" 7 October 2000
Diabolik and Eva must eradicate a shady criminal plot hatched by Mickey to get a fortune by blackmailing a young Brazilian soccer champion, forcing him to lose his team. With a series of cunning tricks, Diabolik and Eva thus save the champion's family that had been kidnapped.
11 "Target: Diabolik" 8 October 2000
Wolf, a ruthless killer in Dane's pay, begins a hunt for Diabolik to carry out his personal revenge against him. The killer, however, was deceived by Dane, who made him believe that it was Diabolik who was responsible for the accident that left him with a disfigured face. But Diabolik is innocent: it was Dane who caused the accident in the factory where Wolf worked.
12 "Hot Threads" 14 October 2000
Diabolik and Eva are in Italy to follow a group of counterfeiters led by Danton, and discover that a dress auctioned at a fashion show is woven with money threads. Diabolik and Eva set a trap to attract Danton's attention, unmask him and have him arrested by Inspector Ginko.
13 "Tokyo Conspiracy" 15 October 2000
Akira Okada and his father Takashi have a family dilemma: the boy does not intend to succeed his father at the head of the Tokyo mafia clans. Diabolik and Eva Kant arrive in Japan and discover that Dagget is the cause of the continuing feuds between the crime families for the conquest of Tokyo, but they guarantee that his plan will go to waste.
14 "Rust in Peace" 21 October 2000
Diabolik and Eva try to stop Mickey, who wants to use a substance invented by M.L. Tory that makes things rust for a terrorist attack.
15 "Triple Play" 22 October 2000
Hoping to frame Diabolik and Eva, Dane orders Wolf to carry out three separate great thefts of three priceless treasures of humanity. Diabolik solves this problem by including Inspector Ginko in the equation and fixing the artifacts in one place, thus allowing him and Eva to step in and thwart Dane's umpteenth plan to damage the Brotherhood.
16 "Merchant of Menace" 28 October 2000
Diabolik and Eva chase James Packard and Ben Darris who stole the secret QSB armored car project. Once Diabolik takes control of the QSB, he mows down Ben Darris' house and crashes the armored vehicle off a cliff to prevent it from being used by the Brotherhood for their criminal projects.
17 "Question of Survival" 29 October 2000
Diabolik finds himself stuck in a jungle with little equipment, chased by Ben Darris' men, until he is able to meet up with Eva to fend off Dane's pirates from the Miramar Cruise, a ship carrying the relics of an ancient Mayan treasure that the Brotherhood intends to steal.
18 "Her Father's Daughter" 4 November 2000
Eva pursues a man who she believes to be her father, that has long since disappeared due to Dane's machinations. While searching for the register that belonged to King, Diabolik discovers that Eva's father is just an impostor sent by Dane to lure her into a trap.
19 "Memories" 5 November 2000
Following an accident, Diabolik beats his head and begins to suffer from partial amnesia, unable to remember the events of the last eight years. Believing that King is still alive and that he is still part of the organization, Diabolik recalls eight years ago and decides to steal some jewels just like he was doing on the last day he remembers. Dane finds out what happened to his brother and deceives him, followed by Eva, who is trying to help her partner.
20 "Lost City" 11 November 2000
Diabolik blends in with Ben Darris' expedition to found the Inca treasure of Mesocotyl.
21 "Eye of Storm" 12 November 2000
Rana and Wolf use a machine that creates an artificial hurricane to rob a Caribbean bank undisturbed. Diabolik intervenes to stop them.
22 "Lights! Camera! Diabolik!" 18 November 2000
Mickey devises a plan to steal precious jewels during a movie awards ceremony, but Diabolik steps in to stop her.
23 "Hide and Seek" 19 November 2000
Diabolik tries to steal the lost treasure of an emperor, before his brother Dane.
24 "Ultimate Security" 25 November 2000
Diabolik must prevent Dagget from taking over a military satellite
25 "Crowning Glory" 26 November 2000
Diabolik tries to recover some crown jewels, stolen by Rana's henchmen
26 "The Kindness of Strangers" 27 November 2000
A Russian doctor ends up in danger when she accidentally finds a device from the organization stolen by Diabolik
27 "Redline: Diabolik" 28 November 2000
While Diabolik is engaged in a robbery to get some photos with which the Brotherhood is blackmailing Leonov, he begins to remember with Eva an old robbery in which he lost his special car. Diabolik impersonated an Italian mechanic, Osvaldo Ferraresi, to rebuild the car and recover it from Dane's hands
28 "The Wrong Side of the Tracks" 28 November 2000
Diabolik tries to steal Napoleon's diary, transported on a train that crosses the Channel Tunnel.
29 "Master Plan" 3 December 2000
Diabolik faces a virtual intelligence that processes perfect thefts
30 "Partners" 16 December 2000
Diabolik steps into action to prevent Dane from stealing an experimental serum from a military base
31 "The Thief who stole Tomorrow" 23 December 2000
Diabolik makes Banderas believe that he has been in a coma for twenty years, thus letting his criminal plans be revealed.
32 "The Detective's Obsession" 24 December 2000
Ginko manages to arrest Eva, and Diabolik devises a plan to save her
33 "Strange Alliance" 30 December 2000
Diabolik and Ginko are infected with a deadly virus, and Eva sets out to find a cure to save them.
34 "Daggers And Swords" 31 December 2000
Diabolik sets out in search of the legendary Durandal sword.
35 "Rainbow Warriors" 13 January 2001
Diabolik intervenes in a race to decide the new chief of an Indian tribe named Ogala.
36 "From the Depths" 14 January 2001
Diabolik and Eva devise a plan to recover an Inca statuette from a sunken vessel.
37 "Kid's Stuff" 20 January 2001
Sophie, a little girl, discovers Diabolik's hiding place and is kidnapped by Dane's men, who want the information. Diabolik goes to rescue her.
38 "Future Imperfect" 27 January 2001
Dane uses a clairvoyant to uncover Diabolik's plans, but the thief uses it to his advantage
39 "Final Justice Part 1" 27 January 2001
Diabolik decides to launch the final attack on Dane. With Eva's help, he tries to steal the organization's vault keys from its six bosses. Diabolik searches for King's Ledger, who is locked in a high-security safe that requires five keys and security codes, while an investigation against Dane begins.
40 "Final Justice Part 2" 28 January 2001
Diabolik and Eva steal the five security keys and replace them with duplicates, turning the Brotherhood leaders against Dane. Diabolik confronts Dane and helps Inspector Ginko to obtain King's Ledger. Dane and his men are eventually arrested by Ginko thanks to Diabolik, exposing the Brotherhood once and for all.
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