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seedhead of Fullers' Teasel,
Dipsacus fullonum
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Dipsacaceae, or teasel family, was a family in the order Dipsacales. It contained 350 species of perennial or biennial herbs and shrubs. (Perennial means that a plant lives for two or more years. Biennial means that a plant takes two years to grow fully.) The family contained eleven (11) genera. It is in the family Caprifoliaceae now.

These plants live in most temperate climates. They are found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The family contains these genera:

  • Acanthocalyx
  • Dipsacus (teasel)
  • Knautia
  • Scabiosa
  • Succisa (devil's bit)
  • Succisella
  • Morina -- also placed in its own family, Morinaceae.
  • Cephalaria
  • Pterocephalus
  • Callistemma
  • Pycnocomon
  • Triplostegia

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