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A disc or disk generally refers to a round flat object, although the usage varies between different variants of English. Common types of disc include:

  • Flying disc or, more specifically, a Frisbee, a disk-shaped toy
  • Intervertebral disc, between the bones in the spines of vertebrates
  • Parking disc, or parking disc machine
  • Tax disc, a vehicle licence

Audio and video recording media

Magnetic recording media


  • Accretion disk, in astrophysics
  • Protoplanetary disk
  • Debris Disk
  • Scattered disc
  • Disc (galaxy)


  • The DISC assessment (or personal profile system), a psychological test
  • DISCs - Domestic International Sales Corporations in US law
  • Death Inducing Signaling Complex
  • DİSK, the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions of Turkey

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