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A ditloid is a type of word puzzle, in which a phrase, quotation, date, or fact must be deduced from the numbers and abbreviated letters in the clue. Common words such as 'the', 'in', 'a', 'an', 'of', 'to', etc. are not normally abbreviated. The name 'ditloid' was given by the Daily Express newspaper, originating from the clue: 1 = DitLoID ≡ 1 Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.


Puzzle Solution
3 B M Three Blind Mice
7 D S Seven Deadly Sins
20 V on a D 20 Vertices on a Dodecahedron
24 H in a D 24 Hours in a Day
52 C in a P 52 Cards in a Pack
20000 L U the S Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
1966 E W the W C 1966 England Wins the World Cup
8 P in the S S 8 Planets in the Solar System
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