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Duke Huan of Qi
Duke Huan of Qi and Guan Zhong
Ruler of Qi
Reign 685–643 BC
Predecessor Wuzhi
Successor Wukui
Died 7 October 643 BC
Spouse Wang Ji
Xu Ying
Cai Ji
Issue Wukui, Duke of Qi
Duke Hui of Qi
Duke Xiao of Qi
Duke Zhao of Qi
Duke Yì of Qi
Qi Jiang
Full name
Ancestral name: Jiang (姜)
Clan name: Lü (呂)
Given name: Xiaobai (小白)
House House of Jiang
Father Duke Xi of Qi
Mother Wey Ji

Duke Huan of Qi (Chinese: 齊桓公; pinyin: Qí Huán Gōng; died 643 BC), personal name Xiǎobái (小白), was the ruler of the State of Qi from 685 to 643 BC. Living during the chaotic Spring and Autumn period, as the Zhou dynasty's former vassal states fought each other for supremacy, Duke Huan and his long-time advisor Guan Zhong managed to transform Qi into China's most powerful polity. Duke Huan was eventually recognized by most of the Zhou states as well as the Zhou royal family as Hegemon of China. In this position, he fought off invasions of China by non-Zhou peoples and attempted to restore order throughout the lands. Toward the end of his more than forty-year-long reign, however, Duke Huan's power began to decline as he grew ill and Qi came to be embroiled in factional strife. Following his death in 643 BC, Qi completely lost its predominance.

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