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A Duster can be:

  • A dustrag or cloth used to remove dust from furniture or other objects
  • A feather duster
  • A smaller whisk broom or brush
  • A light coat or housecoat; see Duster (clothing)
  • An automobile, the Plymouth Duster
  • A member of the Amarillo Dusters arena football team
  • A member of the Hudson Dusters street gang
  • A gas duster to use on electronics
  • The M42 Duster self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon
  • A lo-fi space-rock band; see Duster (band)
  • A main character in the game Mother 3, see Duster (Mother 3)
  • An agricultural aircraft is an aircraft that has been built or converted for agricultural use – usually aerial application of pesticides (crop dusting) or fertiliser (aerial topdressing); in this role they are referred to as "top dressers" or "crop dusters." Agricultural aircraft are also used for hydroseeding.
  • A term given to a style of stories and movies about the western half of the United States (cowboys), sometimes also known as westerns
  • In baseball, a brushback or possible beanball
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