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Ed, Eddie, Edgar, Edward, Edwin Smith and similar may mean:


  • Edward H. Smith (sailor) (1889–1961), United States Coast Guard admiral, oceanographer and Arctic explorer
  • Edward Smith (VC) (1898–1940), English recipient of the Victoria Cross during the First World War
  • Edwin P. Smith (born 1945), U.S. general, commander of Army, Pacific 1998–2002
  • Edwin Smith (Medal of Honor) (1841–?), American Civil War sailor and Medal of Honor recipient

Politics and law

  • E. D. Smith (1853–1948), Canadian businessman and politician
  • Ed Smith (alderman), alderman for Chicago's 28th ward
  • Eddie Smith (politician) (born 1979), member of the Tennessee House of Representatives
  • Edward Clarke Smith (1864–1924), mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Edward Curtis Smith (1854–1935), 47th Governor of Vermont
  • Edward Dunlap Smith (1807–1883), Presbyterian clergyman and Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives
  • Edward Everett Smith (1861–1931), Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota
  • Edward G. Smith (born 1961), American judge in Pennsylvania
  • Edward H. Smith (politician) (1809–1885), U.S. Representative from New York
  • Edward J. Smith (American politician) (1927–2010), member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives
  • Edward J. Smith (Canadian politician) (1819–1903), merchant and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada
  • Edward Smith (New Zealand politician) (1839–1907), New Zealand armourer and Liberal Party politician
  • Edward McMurray Smith (1870–1953), Iowa Secretary of State and newspaper editor
  • Edward O. Smith (1817–1892), American pioneer, businessman and politician
  • Edward Parsons Smith (1860–1930), mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, 1918–1921
  • Edward Percy Smith (1891–1968), Conservative Member of Parliament for Ashford, 1943–1950
  • Edward Smith (trade unionist), of Springfield, Sangamon County, Ill
  • Edward Smith (judge) (1602–1682), Chief Justice of the Irish Common Pleas
  • Edward Smith (MP) (c. 1704–1762), English Member of Parliament for Leicestershire, 1734–1762
  • Edward "Smitty" Smith (born 1980), candidate for Attorney General of the District of Columbia
  • Edwin C. Smith (1852–1924), miner, rancher and political figure in British Columbia
  • Edwin O. Smith (c. 1871–1960), American politician in the Connecticut House of Representatives
  • Edwin Thomas Smith (1830–1919), South Australian politician
  • Ellison D. Smith (1864–1944), nicknamed "Cotton Ed", U.S. Senator from South Carolina
  • Edward Smith (governor), army officer and governor of the Isle of Man
  • Sir Edward Smith, 1st Baronet (c. 1630–1707), English landowner and politician
  • Ed Smith (Canadian politician) (born 1928), Canadian politician in British Columbia
  • Edward Delafield Smith (1826–1878), American lawyer and United States Attorney


  • Ed Smith (1880s pitcher), Baltimore Monumentals
  • Ed Smith (1900s pitcher) (1879–1956), St. Louis Browns
  • Ed Smith (running back) (1913–1998), model for the Heisman Trophy
  • Ed Smith (halfback) (1923–2010), former fullback in the National Football League
  • Ed Smith (quarterback) (born 1956), American football quarterback
  • Ed Smith (basketball) (1929–1998), New York Knicks
  • Ed Smith (cricketer) (born 1977), English cricketer
  • Ed Smith (defensive end) (born 1950), American football defensive end
  • Ed Smith (linebacker) (born 1957), American football linebacker
  • Ed Smith (tight end) (born 1969), Philadelphia Eagles
  • Ed Smith (streetball player), American streetball player
  • Eddie Smith (baseball) (1913–1994), pitcher
  • Eddie Smith (cyclist) (1926–1997), Australian cyclist
  • Eddie Smith (footballer) (1929–1993), English footballer
  • Eddie Smith (referee) (born 1965), Scottish football referee
  • Eddie Smith (basketball) (born 1983), basketball player
  • Edgar Smith (outfielder) (1860–?), Major League Baseball player
  • Edgar Smith (pitcher) (1862–1892), American professional baseball player
  • Edgar Smith (rower) (born 1950), Canadian Olympic rower
  • Edward Smith (cricketer, born 1831) (1831–1899), English cricketer
  • Edward Smith (cricketer, born 1854) (1854–1909), English cricketer and clergyman
  • Edward Smith (cricketer, born 1911) (1911–1999), Australian cricketer
  • Edwin Alex Smith (tight end) (born 1982), Bahamian
  • Edwin Smith (cricketer, born 1934), Derbyshire cricketer
  • Edwin Smith (cricketer, born 1848) (1848–1880), English cricketer
  • Edwin Smith (cricketer, born 1860) (1860–1939), English cricketer
  • Edwin Smith (rower) (1922–1997), New Zealand rower, silver medalist at the 1950 Empire Games
  • Edwin Smith (footballer), Crystal Palace's second best goalscorer of all time


  • E. E. Smith (1890–1965), better known as E.E. "Doc" Smith, science fiction author
  • Eden Smith (1858–1949), Canadian architect
  • Eddie Smith (trade unionist) (died 1945), British trade union leader
  • Edgar Albert Smith (1847–1916), British zoologist and malacologist
  • Edgar Fahs Smith (1854–1928), American scientist specializing in the history of chemistry
  • Edgar Lawrence Smith (1882–1971), economist, investment manager and author
  • Edward Smith (biographer) (1839–1919), English biographer
  • Edgar Smith (librettist) (1857–1938), American actor and lyricist
  • Edward Smith (sea captain) (1850–1912), captain of the RMS Titanic when she sank
  • Edward Smith (thief), committed one of the first bank robberies in the United States
  • Edward B. Smith, founder of Edward B. Smith & Co. in 1892, the predecessor of brokerage firm Smith Barney
  • Edward Parmelee Smith (1827–1876), Congregational minister in Massachusetts
  • Edward Samuel Smith (1919–2001), U.S. federal judge
  • Edward Wyke Smith (1871–1935), English author, mining engineer and adventurer
  • Edward Smith (physician) (1819–1874), physician and medical writer
  • Edward Gordon Smith (1857–1906), British postcard publisher
  • Edwin Smith (architect) (1870–1965), Scottish-born Australian architect
  • Edwin Smith (Egyptologist) (1822–1906), American antiquities collector
  • Edwin Smith (photographer) (1912–1971), English photographer
  • Edwin W. Smith (1876–1957), 'father of British African Studies'
  • Edward Shrapnell Smith (1875–1952), pioneer and promoter of commercial road transport
  • Edwin Smith (metallurgist) (1931–2010), metallurgy scientist
  • Edwin Dalton Smith, English artist and engraver

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