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Eikan (永観 ) was a Japanese era name (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Tengen and before Kanna. This period started in April 983 and ended in April 985. The reigning emperors were En'yu-tennō (円融天皇 ) and Kazan-tennō (花山天皇 ).

Events of the Eikan era

  • 6 October, 983 (Eikan 1, 27th day of the 8th month): In the 15th year of Emperor En'yu's reign, he abdicated; and the succession (senso) was received by a nephew. Soon after, Emperor Kazan's new role as emperor was confirmed by ceremonies (sokui).
  • 983 (Eikan 1, 8th month): Chōnen, the Buddhist monk of the Tendai school embarked on a voyage to China accompanied by 5 or 6 desciples.

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