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El Toro
El Toro, with Kingda Ka and Rolling Thunder in the background
Six Flags Great Adventure
Park section Plaza del Carnaval
Coordinates 40°8′19.90″N 74°26′4.67″W / 40.138861°N 74.4346306°W / 40.138861; -74.4346306Coordinates: 40°8′19.90″N 74°26′4.67″W / 40.138861°N 74.4346306°W / 40.138861; -74.4346306
Status Operating
Soft opening date June 11, 2006
Opening date June 12, 2006
Cost $28 million (USD)
Replaced Viper
General statistics
Type Wood
Manufacturer Intamin
Designer Werner Stengel
Model Wooden Coaster (Prefabricated Track)
Track layout Out and Back
Lift/launch system Cable lift hill
Height 181 ft (55 m)
Drop 176 ft (54 m)
Length 4,400 ft (1,300 m)
Speed 70 mph (110 km/h)
Inversions 0
Duration 1:42
Max vertical angle 76°
Capacity 1500 riders per hour
G-force 4.4
Height restriction 48–77 in (122–196 cm)
Trains 2 trains with 6 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows for a total of 36 riders per train.
Flash Pass available
El Toro at RCDB
Pictures of El Toro at RCDB

El Toro, a Spanish term meaning The Bull, is a wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, United States. It was opened on June 11, 2006. It had the steepest drop of any wooden roller coaster in the world, at 76 degrees, until Goliath at Six Flags Great America opened in 2014. It is 188 feet tall, a world record breaking drop on a wooden roller coaster, and goes at a maximum (highest possible) speed of 113 km/h. The speed can sometimes be different. At the beginning of the day, it starts slow, but it goes faster and faster throughout the day. It begins at 108 km/h and by the end of the day it travels at 118 km/h. It has 4,400 feet of track, and the trains are known to not really slow down much through the whole ride. El Toro is also known for its strong airtime (when riders would be thrown out of the seats if the restraints were not there).


El Toro is quite different than most other wooden roller coasters because it is made out prefabricated track, which means that the pieces of track were cut in a factory and do not need to be cut by hand. This makes the time to build El Toro much shorter. Since it uses prefabricated track, the ride is very smooth. Most wooden roller coasters are known to be quite rough.

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