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Enryaku (延暦) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Ten'ō and before Daidō. This period started in August 782 and ended in May 806. During this time, the emperor was Kammu-tennō (桓武天皇).

Events of the Enryaku era

Enryaku-ji Jodoin-r
In Enryaku 12, work building Enryaku-ji temple was started
  • 782 (Enryaku 1, 6th month): Fujiwara no Uona was removed from his office.
  • 783 (Enryaku 3, in the 3rd month): Fujiwara no Tamaro died at the age of 62 years.
  • 783 (Enryaku 3, in the 7th month): Fujiwara no Korekimi was promoted in the hierarchy of the Imperial court.
  • 784 (Enryaku 3): The emperor moves the capital to Nagaoka
  • 788 (Enryaku 7): The Buddhist monk Saichō establishes a monastery on Mt Hiei
  • 17 December 794 (Enryaku 13, 21st day of the 10th month): The Emperor moved by carriage in a grand parade from Nara to Heian-kyō.
  • 796 (Enryaku 15): Copper coins were minted with the legend Ren-hei Ei-hō.
  • 806 (Enryaku 25): Emperor Kammu died at the age of 70.

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