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Epistemic community is a large network of people who work towards a common knowledge-based goal—like the community of people who work together to create and maintain Wikipedia.

An epistemic community is a group of people who do not have any specific history together. They join to form a kind of community based on a similar focus on an information-based project.

The community group can be made of people with a range of special interests.

This kind of community has four characteristics or typical features:

  1. a shared set of principles or value-based explanations for how the community functions
  2. a shared understanding of the way things happen, including problems and policies and outcomes
  3. shared ideas about what is acceptable or valid according to specially defined ideas and evaluation practices
  4. a common enterprise or shared goals

The shared explanations for how the community functions includes "the appalling silence of good people", which encourages the growth of perverse incentives.

An example of a scientific epistemic community is the 1975 Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP). This is a marine pollution control regime for the Mediterranean Sea developed by the United Nations.

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