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Erika or Erica is a female given name. In Old Norse, it means "ever powerful" or "ruler of people". The name is very popular in Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe. There are many famous people with this name. As Erika, the name was used for tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin. The name was retired after Tropical Storm Erika in 2015.


  • Érika Alcocer Luna (born 1974), Mexican singer, winner of the second generation of La Academia
  • Erika Alexander (born 1969), American actress
  • Erika Araki (born 1984), Japanese national volleyball team captain
  • Erika Cremer (1900–1996), German physicist
  • Erica Durance (born 1978), Canadian actress best known for her role as Lois Lane on Smallville
  • Erika Heynatz (born 1976), Australian model, actress, singer and television personality
  • Erika Kirpu (born 1992), Estonian épée fencer
  • Erica Luttrell (born 1982), Canadian actress
  • Erica Packer (born 1975), Australian singer and model
  • Erika Pluhar (born 1939), Austrian actress, singer and author
  • Erika Umeda (born 1991), Japanese singer and model, former member of Cute
  • Erika Wendt (1917–2003), German WWII spy
  • Erika Yazawa (born 1990), Japanese gravure model, actress and member of Idoling!!!
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