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Uses for the term extreme, which is sometimes spelled xtreme, include:

Geography and astronomy

  • Extremes on Earth
  • List of extrasolar planet extremes


Science and technology



  • Extreme Networks, a California-based networking hardware company
  • Extreme Programming, a software engineering methodology
  • Xtreme Mod, a peer-to-peer file sharing software for Windows based on eMule

Sports and entertainment


  • Extreme sport, a sport featuring speed, height, danger or spectacular stunts
    • Extreme skiing
  • Extreme Sports Channel, a Netherlands television channel
  • Extreme Championship Wrestling, a former wrestling promotion
  • Xtreme Pro Wrestling
  • Los Angeles Xtreme, a defunct XFL franchise
  • Xtreme Turf, an artificial turf or synthetic grass system


  • Extreme (band), an American band
    • Extreme (album), an album by Extreme
  • Xtreme (group), a bachata duo
    • Xtreme (album), an album by Xtreme
  • Extremes (album), an album by Collin Raye
  • Extreme Records, a record label
  • Agostino Carollo or X-Treme, an Italian singer, DJ, and producer


  • Extreme (CSI: Miami)
  • Extreme (TV series)
  • Going to Extremes, a UK television series
  • Extreme (Travel Channel series), a US television series
  • Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, a music video game by Konami
  • Extreme Paintbrawl, a first-person shooter video game
  • Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (North America), a music video game by Konami


  • Extremes (Combat Arms)


  • Extreme Studios, a defunct studio of Image Comics
  • Adam X the X-Treme, a Marvel Comics character
  • Extreme, an autobiography by Sharon Osbourne

Other uses

  • Extreme Pita, a Canadian-based restaurant chain
  • Chevrolet S-10 xtreme

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