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In politics, the use of agriculture or agricultural products to influence the outcome of decisions is called Food Power. Several nations with crude oil have organised themselves and founded a cartel called OPEC. Through this cartel, they can fix the price at which they will sell oil. Food power works in much the same way. Nations usually do what is best for their citizens, who usually want food.

Food power is part of food politics. Embargoes can also be used to put pressure on a nation. In order for a nation to make use of food power effectively, the nation must effectively apply and display scarcity, supply concentration, demand dispersion, and action independence. The four main nations that export enough agriculture to be able to exert food power are the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The U.S. does appear to use food power for punishment. Some African countries have used food power in internal conflicts on a smaller scale.

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