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Bicycle Frame Lemond zurich retouched
Bicycle frame

A frame is a flat container to hold something. It can also be an outer part of the structures.

Frame could also mean:

  • Timber framing, a method of building for creating framed structures of heavy timber
  • Framing (construction), a building term known as light frame construction
  • Door frame or window frame, structures fixed to buildings, vehicles or other containers to which the hinges of doors or windows are attached and can be locked shut
  • Frame and panel, a method of woodworking
  • Framer, a carpenter who assembles major structural elements in constructing a building
  • Frame of reference, the set of coordinates in which a system is observed
  • Basis (linear algebra), an ordered basis is also called a "frame"
  • Framework, software
  • Film frame, one of the many single photographic images in a motion picture
  • Frame (vehicle), on which the carrossery of the automobile is mounted
  • Picture frame, a solid border around a picture or painting
  • Eyeglass frames
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