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Gate of China is one of the Gates of old China. In Chinese, we call it "Zhōnghuámén"(中华门)."Gate of China" was built in Ming Dynasty and now settles in Qinghuai District, Nanjing, China. It is 16512 square meter. "Gate of China"is very magnificent for its barbican. It's the firmest barbican in China. The barbican is a small space between gate and the barbican door. When the enemies go into it, the doors can block them so that the soldiers that have already hidden in the barbican can kill them easily. In the past, Taiping Kingdom of Heaven tried to attack into Nanjing, however, the gate wasn't ruined at all. Nowadays, tourists are allowed to visit the "Gate of China" and they can take Nanjing line 1 to "Gate of China" station to go there and the tickets cost 50yuan per person.

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