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Gen'ō (元応 ) was a Japanese era name (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Bunpō and before Genkyō. This period started in April 1319 and ended in February 1321. The reigning Emperor was Go-Daigo-tennō (後醍醐天皇 ).

Events of the Gen'ō era

After the abdication of Emperor Hanazono, Takaharu-shinno was proclaimed emperor. Nijō Michihira was Chancellor (kampaku); but the court remained under the direction of former-Emperor Go-Uda. Prince Morikuni was the shogun in Kamakura; and Hōjō Takatoki was the shogunate's chief minister (shikken').

  • 1319 (Gen'ō 1, 3rd month): Prince Kuniyoshi, the son of former-Emperor Go-Nijō, was named Crown Prince (tōgu).
  • 1319 (Gen'ō 1, 6th month): Konoe Tsunehira died. He was Minister of the Left (sadaijin).
  • 1319 (Gen'ō 1, in the 8th month): The daughter of Saionji Sanekane became one of the emperor's concubines.
  • 1319 (Gen'ō 1, 12th month): Nijō Michihira resigned from his office as kampaku; and Ichijō Uchitsune became kampaku.
  • 1330 (Gen'ō 2, 5th month): Hōjō Tokiasu died. Tokiasu was a high shogunate official (Rokuhara Tandai and Kitakata).
  • 1320 (Gen'ō 2, 5th month): Kujō Moronori died at age 48. He was a former Regent (sesshō).

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