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Genkyō (元亨 ), also Genkō, was a Japanese era name (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Gen'ō and before Shōchū. This period started in February 1321 and ended in December 1324. The reigning Emperor was Go-Daigo-tennō (後醍醐天皇 ).

Events of the Genkyō era

  • 1321 (Genkyō 1, 2nd month): Saionji Kinakira died. He was Minister of the Right (udaijin).
  • 1321 (Genkyō 1, 4th month): The former-Emperor Go-Uda ordered the construction of a small chapel at Daikaku-ji where he lived in retirement.
  • 1321 (Genkyō 1, 5th month): The emperor visited Dikaku-ji to see this new chapel for himself.
  • 1321 (Genkyō 1, 6th month): Hōjō Kanetoki (北条兼時 ) died. He was the military governor (鎮西探題 , Chinzei-tandai) in Kyushu.
  • 1321 (Genkyō 1, 12th month): Hōjō Norisada was named governor of Kyoto; and Hōjō Hidetoki was named military governor of Kyūshū.
  • 1322 (Genkyō 2, 1st month): The emperor visited the former-Emperor Go-Uda at Daikau-ji; and he was entertained by a musical concert.
  • 1322 (Genkyō 2, 1st month): Saionji Sanekane died at age 74.
  • 1322 (Genkyō 3, 3rd month): Ichijō Uchitsune lost his position as Chancellor (kampaku); and Kujō Fusazane was given this office.
  • 16 July 1324 (Genkyō 4, 25th day of the 6th month): Former-Emperor Go-Uda died at age 58.

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