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Shōchū (正中 ) was a Japanese era name (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Genkō and before Karyaku. This period spanned the years from December 1324 to April 1326. The reigning Emperor was Go-Daigo-tennō (後醍醐天皇 ).

Events of the Shōchū era

  • 1324 (Shōchū 1, 1st month): Saionji Kinsighe died at age 41. He was nadaijin.
  • 1324 (Shōchū 1, 3rd month): Go-Daigo visited the Iwashimizu Shrine.
  • 1324 (Shōchū 1, 3rd month): The emperor visited the Kamo Shrines.
  • 1324 (Shōchū 1, 5th month): Konoe Iehira died. He had been kampaku during the reign of Emperor Hanazono.
  • 1325 (Shōchū 2, 6th month): The former-shogun, Prince Koreyasu, died at age 62.
  • 1325 (Shōchū 2, 12th month): The former-kampaku, Ichijō Uchitsune, died at age 36.
  • 1326 (Shōchū 3): Go-Diago's favorite, Empress Kishi had a false pregnancy.

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