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Giant-leaved stenocarpus
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Stenocarpus cryptocarpus, known as the giant leaf stenocarpus, is a species of trees, of the plant family Proteaceae. They are endemic to some rainforest parts of the wet tropics region of north eastern Queensland, Australia. Notably, juvenile leaves of young trees may reach 115 cm (4 ft) in length.

Stenocarpus cryptocarpus was first described in 1988 by botanists Don Foreman and Bernie Hyland, having been collected from North Queensland. It is one of 25 species of trees in the genus Stenocarpus from rainforests of eastern Australia and New Caledonia.

It grows as a single-trunked buttressed tree to 25 m (80 ft) tall. Its green juvenile leaves are compound (bipinnate) and lobulated, and may reach 115 cm (4 ft) in length. The adult leaves are simple and obovate and measure 9–14 cm (3.5–5.5 in) in length and are on petioles 3–8 cm (1–3 in) long. The wheel-shaped inflorescences are axillary (located towards or on the end of branches) and are composed of 20-30 individual flowers, and are white and fragrant, and resemble those of its better known relative S. sinuatus. The flowers are followed by smooth follicles, or seed pods, 10–13 cm (4–5 in) in length.

Stenocarpus cryptocarpus grows in wet rainforests from sea level to 1,000 m (3,300 ft) in altitude, where it is a canopy tree. It is restricted to suitable habitat between Mount Bartle Frere and Big Tableland in the McDowell Ranges in north eastern Queensland.

It is uncommon in cultivation.

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