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Idol Time PriPara
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(Aidoru Taimu Puripara)
Genre Idol
Anime television series
Directed by Makoto Moriwaki
Studio Tatsunoko Production, DongWoo A&E
Licensed by Crunchyroll
Network TXN (TV Tokyo), BS Japan, AT-X
Original run April 4, 2017March 27, 2018
Episodes 51 (List of episodes)

Idol Time PriPara (アイドルタイムプリパラ, Aidoru Taimu Puripara) is a Japanese anime by DongWoo A&E. It is the second animation adaption of the PriPara arcade game, as well as the sequel series to the PriPara TV series. It began airing from April 4, 2017 to March 27, 2018. It was followed by Kiratto Pri☆Chan on April 8, 2018. An upcoming mobile game, Idol Land PriPara is set to be released in summer 2021.


Yui Yumekawa is a sixth grader in Avocado Academy, who daydreams a lot and wishes to become an idol, despite her school forbidding PriPara for students. After receiving her PriTicket, she finds out a new PriPara is opening, and Laala Manaka, the Divine Idol from the previous series, is in town, who also is her roommate in Avocado Academy, having been sent there to continue her Divine Idol duties.

However, Yui does not believe it, as a fold in Laala's PriTicket causes a system bug, leaving Laala unable to carry out PriPara change, and it is only after seeing Laala's idol form in the former's first performance in Paparajuku that Yui is finally convinced.

The upcoming Idol Time Grand Prix is also announced, however, with a lack of visitors, both the competition and the Paparajuku PriPara would be shut down, and so would Laala's job as a Divine Idol. And so, it is up to Laala and Yui to keep a flow of visitors to Paparajuku PriPara, as a number of characters from the original series turn up to help.


Playable Characters


Yui Yumekawa (夢川 ゆい, Yumekawa Yui)
Voiced by: Arisa Date

Yui is a sixth grader in Class A at Avocado Academy. She has a habit of dreaming a lot and carries around Cooky, a rice cooker, as she spaces out in-between meals. She has short blonde hair in partly pigtails with a light blue hair bow, while in PriPara, she is taller, her hair is longer, she gains a pink hair bow, her pigtails are straighter, and her eyes gain a star marking. A Lovely-type idol, her theme color is pastel pink and uses her self-created brand, Fantasy Time.

Nino Nijiiro (虹色 にの, Nijiiro Nino)
Voiced by: Yō Taichi

Nino is a sixth grader in Class C at Avocado Academy. She is a girl full of passion and is skilled at sports. She has a tomboyish figure outside of PriPara, having short blue-green hair and green eyes. In PriPara, she becomes taller and her hair grows longer, also gaining a green ombré. A Pop-type idol, her theme color is neon green and her brand is Neon Drop.

Michiru Kouda (幸多 みちる, Kōda Michiru)
Voiced by: Yuina Yamada

Michiru is a second-year student at Avocado Academy. She is usually a shy and quiet girl who is rather clumsy. She has gray hair styled into lower twintails, red-violet eyes, wears glasses and has freckles. In PriPara, her hair is set loose with some of it tied into braids. Her eyes gained black pupils as well. Her personality in PriPara changes into a more arrogant and confident person who refers to herself as someone possessed by the ghost princess "Miichiru" (ミーチル). A Cool-type idol, her theme color is dark purple and her brand is Melty Lily, which Aroma made for her. She became Aroma's "little devil" in episode 14.

Other Idols

Shuuka Hanazono (華園 しゅうか, Hanazono Shūka)
Voiced by: Madoka Asahina
Debuted in episode 24, she is the younger sister of divine idol Mia Hanazono, member of The saints. Shuuka is obsessed with making money. She's a Celeb-type idol and her brand is Rich Venus.
Falala•A•Larm (ファララ・ア・ラーム, Farara A Rāmu)
Voiced by: Azusa Satou
Falala is an older sister of Jewlie and a time spirit of ancient PriPara who was in charge during the day. She feel asleep when Pakku and Galala began stealing girls dreams causing them to forget about PriPara. She can be awakened again if the idols of the new PriPara help girls find their dreams. She's a Premium-type idol and her brand is Clock Garden.
Gaarara•S•Leep (ガァララ・ス・リープ, Gaarara Su Rīpu)
Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa
Gaarara is Falala's twin sister and a time spirit of ancient PriPara who was in charge during the night. As no one came to PriPara during the night Gaarara was alone and grew out of jealousy to Falala. She discovers she can stay awake in the day if Pakku steals girls dreams causing Falala to sleep forever.
Mia Hanazono (華園 みあ, Hanazono Mia)
Voiced by: Rumi Ōkubo
One of the legendary Divine idol of the trio unit Saints. She's the parallel version of the character, Mia Ageha from Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future and Shuuka's older sister.


Male idols are exclusively playable in the "DanPri" mode. They also make non-playble "escort" characters in the Super Idol Time.

Shougo Yumekawa (夢川 ショウゴ, Yumekawa Shōgo)
Voiced by: Seiichirō Yamashita

Yui's brother, a second-year student at Avocado Academy. The center of WITH who frequently teases Yui a lot.

Asahi Mitaka (三鷹 アサヒ, Mitaka Asahi)
Voiced by: Tatsuyuki Kobayashi

Shōgo's teammate.

Koyoi Takase (高瀬 コヨイ, Takase Koyoi)
Voiced by: Reiou Tsuchida

Shōgo's teammate.


Punicorn (プニコン, Punikon)
Voiced by: Saki Yamakita

Yui's manager. She takes the form of a unicorn.

Chuppe (チュッペ, Chuppe)
Voiced by: Yū Serizawa

Nino's manager. She takes the form of a mouse.

Pitsuji (ピツジ, Pitsuji)
Voiced by: Azuki Shibuya

Michiru's manager. She takes the form of a sheep.

Pakku (パック, Pakku)
Voiced by: Yuki Wakai

Galala's manager. She takes the form of a tapir.

Powan (ポワン, Powan)
Voiced by: Miyu Kubota

Shuuka's manager. She takes the form of a dog.

Avocado Academy

Bavaria Ookandagawa (大神田川 ババリア, Ookandagawa Babaria)
Voiced by: Urara Takano

The headmistress of Avocado Academy who is the cousin of Paprika Academy headmistress Gloria Ookanda. She despised the idea of female idols until she saw Yui performing with a twisted ankle. In episode 23, Bavaria became a PriPara idol with Mimiko Jigoku whom she took care of as mother since Mimiko enrolled in Avocado Academy. She is a fan of WITH.

Mimiko Jigoku (地獄 ミミ子, Jigoku Mimiko)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda

Avocado Academy's head disciplinarian. When she was young, Mimiko's dream was to become an idol. When she enrolled into Avocado Academy as a preschooler, she was taken care of by the headmistress whom she saw as a mother-like figure. After being told she couldn't be an idol in preschool because of her family name meaning "hell", Mimiko would despise the idea of PriPara until episode 16 when she remembered her dream and decided to go on a journey. In episode 23, Mimiko returns to Paparajuku and becomes a PriPara idol with Bavaria.



Crunchyroll licensed the series.



"Just be yourself" by The World Standard
"The Biggest Paradox" (最上級ぱらどっくす, Saijō Kyō Paradokkusu) by The World Standard
"Memorial" by Iris (Japanese band)


"Idol:Time!!" by Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya) and Yui Yumekawa (Arisa Date).
"Heartful♡Dream!" (ハートフル♡ドリーム, Hātofuru♡Dorīmu) by Yui Yumekawa (Arisa Date), Nino Nijiiro (Yō Taichi) and Michiru Kouda (Yuina Yamada)
"WELCOME TO DREAM" by The World Standard.

Insert Songs:

Tick Tock・Magical・Idol Time!" (チクタクMagicaるアイドルタイム!, Chikutaku Magikaru Aidoru Taimu!) by Yui Yumekawa (Arisa Date)
"Gira Galactic・Tightrope" (ギラ・ギャラクティック・タイトロープ, Gira Gyarakutikku・Taitorōpu) by WITH [Shougo Yumekawa (Seiichirō Yamashita), Koyoi Takase (Reiou Tsuchida), and Asahi Mitaka (Tatsuyuki Kobayashi). It is the first song to be sung entirely by male performers.
"Brand-New Happiness" (ブランニュー·ハピネス!, Buran Nyū·Hapinesu!) by Laala Manaka (Himika Akenaya) and Yui Yumekawa (Arisa Date)
"Shuttlewise Game" (あっちゃこっちゃゲーム, Accha Koccha Gēmu) by Nino Nijiiro (Yō Taichi)
"GOst♭Coaster" (GOスト♭コースター, GOsuto♭Kōsutā) by Michiru Kouda (Yuina Yamada)
"Clean Mind, Clean Hit♡Clang BUDDY" (快打洗心♡カッキン BUDDY, Kaida Senshin♡Kakkin BUDDY) by Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita) and Nino Nijiiro (Yō Taichi)
"Miss. Prillionaire" (Miss.プリオネア, Miss. Purionea) by Shuuka Hanazono (Madoka Asahina)
"Sunshine Bell" (サンシャイン・ベル, Sanshain・Beru) by Falala•A•Larm (Azusa Satō).
"Believe My DREAM!" by MY☆DREAM [Yui Yumekawa (Arisa Date), Nino Nijiiro (Yō Taichi) and Michiru Kouda (Yuina Yamada)
"Starlight Carnival☆" (すた〜らいとカーニバル☆, Suta~Raito Kānibaru☆) by Garara•S•Leep(Tomoyo Kurosawa).
"Dear My Future ~Mirai no Jibun e~" (Dear My Future ~未来の自分へ~, Dear My Future ~Mirai no Jibun e~) by Mia Hanazono (Rumi Ōkubo). It is a cover of Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future's first opening.
"Ring Ring♪GaraFaLand" (リンリン♪がぁらふぁらんど, Rinrin♪GaraFarando) by Falala•A•Larm (Azusa Satou) and Garara•S•Leep(Tomoyo Kurosawa).
"Get Over Dress-code" by Dressing Pafé [Sion Tōdō (Saki Yamakita), Dorothy West (Azuki Shibuya), and Leona West (Yuki Wakai)]
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