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James Fraser or James Frazer may refer to:


  • James Fraser (businessman) (c. 1760–1822), merchant, judge and politician in New Brunswick
  • James Fraser (Lower Canada politician) (c. 1785–1844), merchant and political figure in Lower Canada
  • James Oliphant Fraser (1826–1904), businessman and political figure in Newfoundland
  • James Harshaw Fraser (1841–1899), lawyer and political figure in Ontario
  • James A. Fraser (1843–1937), gold miner and Canadian politician
  • James Oliphant Fraser Jr. (1858–1896), lawyer and politician in Newfoundland
  • James Fraser (Western Australian politician) (1889–1961), trade unionist and politician
  • Jim Fraser (politician) (1908–1970), Australian politician, member of the Australian Parliament


  • James Fraser (footballer) (fl. 1880s), Scottish footballer
  • Jim Fraser (Australian footballer) (1896–1975), Australian rules footballer
  • Jim Fraser (American football) (born 1936), American football linebacker
  • Jimmy Fraser (born 1948), Australian football goalkeeper
  • Jim Fraser (Scottish footballer) (fl. 1960s)
  • James Fraser (rugby union) (1859-1943), Scotland international rugby union player


  • James Fraser of Brea (1639–1699), Scottish Covenanter
  • James Fraser of Castle Leathers (1670–1760), Scottish soldier
  • James Fraser (minister) (1700–1769), Scottish minister
  • James Baillie Fraser (1783–1856), Scottish author
  • James Stuart Fraser (1783–1869), British army officer in the Madras army in India
  • James John Fraser (1789–1834), 3rd Baronet of Leadclune, lieutenant-colonel in the British Army
  • James Fraser (publisher) (died 1841), Scottish publisher associated with Thomas Carlyle
  • James Fraser (bishop) (1818–1885), British religious leader
  • James Earle Fraser (sculptor) (1876–1953), American sculptor
  • Sir James Fraser (1863–1936), British psychologist and creator of the Fraser spiral illusion
  • James O. Fraser (1886–1938), Missionary to China, creator of the Lisu alphabet
  • James Fraser (surgeon) (1924–1997), Scottish academic surgeon
  • James Fraser (university administrator) (born 1948), principal of the University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland
  • James E. Fraser (historian) (fl. 2000s), Canadian historian
  • Sir James George Frazer (1854–1941), Scottish social anthropologist and folklorist
  • James Fraser (police officer) (1816–1892), British army officer and police officer


  • Jamie Fraser (character), a character in the Outlander series of novels by Diana Gabaldon
  • James Fraser (Home and Away), a character on the Australian soap opera Home and Away
  • Private James Frazer, a character in the TV series Dad's Army

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  • James Fraser Stoddart (born 1942), British chemist
  • James Frazier (disambiguation)


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