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Siyer-i Nebi - Imam Ali und Hamza bei dem vorgezogenen Einzelkampf in Badr gegen die Götzendiener
Ali and Hamza in single combat at the Battle of Badr, from Siyer-i Nabi, circa 1594

Jihad is an Arabic word meaning "to struggle". Muslims (believers in Islam) use this word to talk about defending the faith and protecting their family and nation, as well as defending innocent people. It can also mean fighting with yourself to become a better person. It is an official part of Shi'a Islam, but it is not an official part of Sunni Islam, though some call it the sixth pillar of Islam. In some cases, there have been 'Jihads' that have self immolated themselves, in order to get into heaven. There are suicide bombers, who blow themselves up, because they think that it is right and that they are cleaning the world's filth. This is, however, wrong in Islam. It is a major sin to commit suicide or homicide. Killing another human being in Islam is the equivalent of killing all of humanity. On the contrary, saving another human being's life is the equivalent of saving all of humanity.

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