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Kōō (康応), also romanized as Kō-ō, was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, lit. year name) of the Northern Court during the Nanboku-chō period after Kakei and before Meitoku. This period started in February 1389 and ended in March 1390. The pretender in Kyoto was Emperor Go-Komatsu (後小松天皇 Go-Komatsu-tennō). Go-Komatsu's Southern Court rival in Yoshino during this time was Emperor Go-Kameyama (後亀山天皇 Go-Kameyama-tennō).

Events of the Kōō era

  • 1389 (Kōō 1): Yoshimitsu opposed by Kamakura kanrei Ashikaga Ujimitsu.
  • 1389 (Kōō 1, 7th month): Saioinji Sanetoshi died at the age of 56. He ha held the office of Minister of the Right (udaijin).

Southern Court nengō

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