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For the "Kashō" era which started in 848 -- sometimes romanized as "Kajō", see Kashō (early Heian period).

Kashō (嘉承 ), also romanized as Kajō, was a Japanese era name (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Chōji and before Tennin. This period started in April 1106 and ended in August 1108. The reigning emperors were Horikawa-tennō (堀河天皇 ) and Toba-tennō (鳥羽天皇 ).

Events of the 12th century Kashō era

  • 3 October 1106 (Kashō 1): Major Shinto shrines were given many petitions which asked for the healing of "evil influences on the Emperor".
  • 9 August 1107 (Kajō 2, 19th day of the 7th month) : In the 21st year of Emperor Horikawa's reign, he died at the age of 29. The succession (senso) was received by his only son. Soon after, Emperor Toba accepted the monarch's role and duties and powers (sokui). This was confirmed in ceremonies.

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