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King Randor
Masters of the Universe character
Created by Mattel
Voiced by Lou Scheimer (1983–1985)
Michael Donovan (2002–2004)
Gender Male
Title King
Spouse(s) Queen Marlena (wife)
Children Prince Adam/He-Man (twin son)
Princess Adora/She-Ra (twin daughter)
Relatives King Miro (father)
King Grayskull (ancestor)
Skeletor (Half-brother)

King Randor is a fictional character, a warrior king who appears in the popular 1980s Masters of the Universe franchise. In early material, the character is called King Miro, this was later given in the Filmation cartoon series as King Randor's long-lost father's name.


In the original toy-line, despite featuring very much throughout the franchise's run, there was no King Randor figure until a surprise sudden release as part of the final wave. As the final wave was generally produced in less quantity due to sales gradually dipping, the figure is one of the much rarer and more hunted of the original line.

The 2002 revamped line was discontinued before a new King Randor figure could be produced; however there was a NECA-produced statue, an action figure-sized piece with no movable joints. His wife Queen Marlena, never had an action figure version released in either the original or revamped line, although she would finally receive one in the Masters of the Universe Classics line as a San Diego ComiCon exclusive in 2011, that had interchangeable parts so she could also appear in her astronaut persona "Captain Glenn".

In December 2009, a King Randor figure, mostly inspired by the original 1980s figure, was released as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics line. In November 2012, a second King Randor figure, subtitled "Eternos Palace", was released in the Masters of the Universe Classics line, this time designed to resemble the character as he appeared in the Filmation cartoon.

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