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A landfill in Poland
Uncontrolled garbage dump.

A landfill is a place where waste is kept. Waste is usually buried in landfills, but it may first be sorted to remove any recyclable materials.

Landfills have a bad smell and look bad, therefore are usually located far away from where people live.

Once the waste is crushed into very small pieces, it is buried.

Landfill gas

Gases are produced in landfills due to the anaerobic digestion by microbes. In a properly managed landfill this gas is collected and used. Its uses range from simple flaring to the landfill gas utilization and generation of electricity. Landfill gas monitoring alerts workers to the presence of a build-up of gases to a harmful level. In some countries, landfill gas recovery is extensive; in the United States, for example, more than 850 landfills have active landfill gas recovery systems.

Large landfills in the United States

Roosevelt Regional Landfill, Roosevelt, Washington.
Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site, Aurora, Colorado.
Columbia Ridge Landfill, Arlington, Oregon.
Pine Tree Acres, Lenox, Michigan.

Other large landfills

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